Lovers’ Unite for Valentine’s Marmite

It’s a case of opposites attract this Valentine’s Day, as Marmite and Champagne have been brought together to create the ultimate limited edition Valentine’s gift; ‘Lovers’ Marmite’.

‘Lovers’ Marmite’ blends the famously unique taste of the nation’s most loved and hated spread with a hint of Champagne to create an unforgettable taste sensation for your loved one.

The jar has a specially designed label with space to write the name of your Marmite lover on the back. Let the jars do the talking, with the message ‘I love you’ emblazoned across the luxurious golden label. Whether sending anonymously or as a gift to your loved one, it stands out from the crowd.

Get in the mood for love with ‘Lovers’ Marmite’ this Valentine’s Day. Show your loved one how much you adore them by spreading it onto heart shaped toasts, for an unforgettable breakfast in bed. Or to really get into the spirit, treat your lover to Marmite kisses, and experience a new way to enjoy the unique taste of limited edition ‘Lovers’ Marmite’.

To create this innovative blend, we have used a special recipe; adding Champagne to our famous spread, to give a subtle champagne scent and flavour.

The limited edition (only 600,000 jars have been created) 250g jars of ‘Lovers’ Marmite’ costs around £2.99 and can be found in the love aisle in your local supermarket today.

Stockists include Selfridges, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons and Co-op.

Lovers Marmite on the Wright Stuff

Mmmmmmm....... Lovers' Marmite

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